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Wild Apricot Services

We LOVE Wild Apricot!

It's our #1 software choice for building and managing websites for associations, non-profit organizations and clubs. 

We've been developing on the Wild Apricot platform since 2009 and have been an approved Service Partner since 2011. We tackle projects big and small, from simple makeovers to fully custom designed sites. Our true value is in our website maintenance and support services.  As Wild Apricot has evolved over the years, so has our knowledge and expertise of the platform.

We get inspired by our clients and it shows in our designs.  Check out our work to view a small sample of our many completed projects. 

Our Wild Apricot services include:

  • Website development
  • Custom templates for sale
  • Branded email templates for member communications
  • Migrations to Wild Apricot from other platforms
  • Training and coaching
  • Account set-up and consulting
  • Maintenance and support
  • Partnerships & white label design services
  • Bookkeeping, member management and event registration setup

Website development

This is our specialty!  We've been developing in Wild Apricot since 2009 and have been honing our skills with every new project we complete. Whether you are looking for a simple makeover or would like a completely custom website design, we are up for the task. 

  • Packages starting from $2500 - Call us today to discuss your project.

Maintenance & support

Merge Creative offers many options to organizations who would like to out-source some or all of the monthly or yearly website maintenance.  For example, we can manage the ongoing maintenance of events, newsletters, membership renewals, career opportunities and more.  While organizations can manage these tasks in-house, the benefit of having an outside expert is that volunteers and board members change often but we can remain constant.  We have customers who have been using our support services for 10+ years and we've worked with several cycles of new board members, presidents and executive directors. 

We'll tailor a package to suit your exact needs.

Maintenance & support services

Migrations to Wild Apricot from other platforms

If you are moving to Wild Apricot from another platform, one of the biggest hurdles is migrating your page content, images, videos, and documents to name a few.  This is a time consuming task that we've mastered.  Contact us to review your site, prepare some pricing and offer advice to make the move as seamless as possible.  There are considerations and steps you may not be aware of that should be discussed and planned for before making the switch.

  • Pricing for migrations start at $5500 (includes Wild Apricot template customization, content transfer, and Wild Apricot set-up).  

Note: Contact us for a formal quote

Training and coaching

While Wild Apricot does have amazing free support services, there are many situations where customized training sessions are very beneficial.  We are often asked to provide customized training sessions to both single users or groups in the areas of website maintenance, event management, member management, set-up best practices and more.  Contact Us to schedule a customized training session tailored to you.

  • Packages starting from $400

Wild Apricot set-up & consulting

If you are unsure how to configure Wild Apricot to meet your unique requirements or are looking to determine if Wild Apricot is a good fit for your organization, we can help. We offer both consulting and full set-up services and can tailor our pricing to meet your budget.  We can do it all for you or guide you step by step, completing some tasks but allowing you to complete many tasks in-house to reduce costs.

Partnerships & white-label design services

Merge Creative is happy to work with executive directors, association management firms and other website development companies on Wild Apricot projects.  We can work behind the scenes or directly with the association.  For example, if you are an association management company who has a client interested in Wild Apricot and you are looking for a specialist to consult with or tackle the development, we can help.

Discounts for repeat customers - Call us today to discuss your needs

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We offer discounts for purchasing prepaid service & support hours. Prepaid hours can be used for all of our services including website updates, support, consulting, training and more.

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